Thursday, November 9th, 2017


The FalseTube.Com domain is currently for sale.

This Domain name is currently for sale at Godaddy. Interrested? Call Rodney at +1-972-607-6079 or visit to buy it now. Domain Detail Description: YouTube like clone domain. Category: Entertainment & Leisure – Other Status: Open Auction Ends: 2018/01/09 01:08 PM (PST) Lower Case: f a l s e t u b e . c o m Upper Case: F A L S E T U B E . C O M Popular: F a l s e T u b e . C o m

Bitcoin’s Segwit2x fork is stalled.

On 11-16-2017 Bitcoin was to have a fork called Segwit2x to upgrade the code used to mine crypto currencies. What would have this meant for you? Well if you owned any bitcoin at that time you would have gotten the same amount of the new coin for FREE – if your exchange supported it. We are sharing the link below because Coinbase was going to support the fork. Want to double your cash in just days? The fork was canceled this time and will be at an unannounced later date.Read More